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Aperture Card

Aperture Cards

These cards are scanned on Wicks & Wilson and Sunrise scanners. Black and White or greyscale images can be produced.

Aperture cards normally have technical drawings stored on them.

How we scan depends on the intended use of the images afterwards. If they are just required for viewing and printing at smaller size than originals then we can scan at a fixed reduction ratio.
If however they need to be printed back to original size then the reduction ratio needs to be correct for each image and this will increase the price of scanning.

If the cards have hollerith codes (holes for a machine to read) punched into them it is possible to take the indexing information from these. If not indexing information has to be taken form the card or the image. All of these methods have different prices attached to them. Please enquire for further information.

Post Processing work

IIRI can perform a number processes to produce various different types of output


Image conversions to a different image format such as multipage PDF or tiff.


Produce index files to either rename images or for import into various business applications


OCR images to give word searchable images


Conversion into IIRIís Rare image retrieval software to allow easy searching for stored images

IImage Retrieval Apcard Scanner


News Updates

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IIRI get 'Go Green' status
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Helping councils with images
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