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i2s Book Restorer Software

The Book Restorer™ software is a user-friendly program entirely dedicated to digitised documents. It is the ideal resource for the comprehensive consultation, restoration, storage and exportation of written works.

Book Restorer™ enables display and consultation of all the images in a book digitized with a scanner.
During the importation and exportation phases, you can select any of the following formats: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PDF or PNG in order to optimize your files in accordance with the intended use.

The Book Restorer™ architecture allows you to simulate a book structure.

In the same way, automation enables you to use restoration and exportation treatments as a background task.


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BOOK RESTORER™ version 4.0 now available!

The new Book Restorer™ version 4.0 marks a significant step in the evolution of this product, become since its creation, the unavoidable software tool, for who is willing to restore, and even improve, in the most faithfully way, the quality of original digital documents.

Book Restorer™ V4.0 has again improved its user-friendliness and accompanies the user with a quick handling and mastering of the tool, thanks to the addition of several wizards. These help in the major steps of the Book Restorer™ use.

From the first seconds of the Book Restorer™ use, the 'book creation wizard' allows you to create the structure of your book, to define page styles and blocks, sections and to import images while associating restoration scripts. In this manner, the script programming wizard (integrated in the one of the book creation itself) offers you pre-defined restoration types depending on the sought result.

The Book Restorer™ automaton has become more powerful itself, to be more autonomous. Still, it allows you to increase your productivity by giving you the possibility of enhancing, publishing but also to import your images. It is interesting in the case of works comprising miscellaneous pages with similar aspect. These 3 tasks can be processed simultaneous and give you the opportunity to avoid the images importing and script setting.

In respect of image enhancement, 3 brand new modules have been implemented:

the finger masking module will ease your documents manipulation during the digitisation step since it detects and automatically masks the user's fingers set on both side margins of the book. This will allow you to maintain your volumes in position during the image capture.
the polarity detection module, which more particularly concerns the microfilm or glass plates digitisation, automatically checks if an image is positive or negative and convert it, if negative.
the crop module has been greatly improved: using the wizard, it allows you to divide an image into several parts (horizontal or vertical), the manual crop (cropping margin setting the operator) and automatic cropping.

If Book Restorer™ is able to import all kind of image whatever the format, it lacked this functionality to directly import an image from a scanner. This is done now with this version 4.0 of Book Restorer™ that manages the TWAIN interface - communication standard allowing to capture yet captured images by certain scanners, digital cameras and image capture systems

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