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Microfiche Types

Com Fiche
Computer Output Microfiche or COM fiche are produced by computers sending data to specialized printers. Accounting reports, payroll records, tax rolls, and almost any computer generated report that requires an archival retention period of over seven years have been committed to COM fiche. Standard microfiche are either reduction ratio's of 42x or 48X - 208 or 270 pages of data respectively.

COM fiche

Jacketed fiche
These are actually 4x6 inch plastic sleeves designed to hold strips of either 16 or 35mm film. This allows the grouping of related data into one logical record. Council planning departments, Payroll and Human Resource departments typically used this method to allow filing and retrieval of an individual's records. There are also duplicated jacketed film that have a bluish tint to them, these are copies of the originals and are often poorer quality images.

Jacket Fiche

This type of fiche is often for manuals or operational handbooks. The images are arranged permanently in a grid pattern (there are no plastic sleeves). The cards have a header at the top, which contains identification information. Step-and-repeat card may hold more than 300 images.

Combination Fiche
This is a microfiche that contains both 35mm and 16mm images. Typically used in planning departments.

Combination Fiche




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