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i2s CopiBook Scanner

Black & White, Grey Scale and Colour stand-alone
Book Scanning station for A2 landscape bound works

CopiBook is the ideal scanner for digitizing bound documents of formats up to DIN A2/C. It provides the best compromise between resolution, scanning speed, image quality and price.

Able to operate in an office lighting environment (with no embedded lighting), the three models of the CopiBook range (BW, BW+ and RGB) are the first true ultraviolet and infrared-free scanners available on the market.

As it is very easy to use, CopiBook can be used by an inexperienced operator and can even be installed for self service use in reading rooms.



Operates without additional light (ambient light)
- preserves ancient works because of the absence of ultraviolet and infrared,
- operator comfort while digitizing.


Ease of use
- numerous automatic settings included: format detection, resolution, auto focus, exposure time, lighting correction, white balance,
- innovative capture modes: automatic scan start (no clicking, no pedal) and automatic opening of the glass plate at the end of the scan,
- embedded image-enhancement algorithms: finger masking, geometrical correction, detail enhancement, deskew,
- motorized book cradle (CopiBook BW+ & CopiBook RGB models).


Highly ergonomic
- a USB pedal can be used to start digitization,
- ideal positioning of function keys and touchpad,
- easy viewing with the LCD screen at operator eye level.


High image quality
- fixed optical resolution of 300 ppi.


High productivity
- the scanning time of an A2 format (DINA2/C) page, at 300 ppi, is 2.5 seconds in grey scale mode and 6 seconds in colour mode.


Respect for ancient documents (bindings, covers) thanks to the book cradle which allows the plates to be adjusted based on the thickness of the work.


Various backup possibilities: USB output (external hard disk, flash drive) and Giga-Ethernet output (Microsoft network).

With optional Monitor Mount

Optional USB Keyboard

For further details download PDF

For high quality video of CopiBook right click on link below and save
42mb CopiBook Windows Media


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